Chinese citizens to be put under surveillance for 14 days in Myeik

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Mar 20, 2020

MYEIK- Twelve Chinese citizens that entered Myeik Township, Taninthari Region, received medical check-ups and will be put under surveillance for 14 days.

Those Chinese citizens currently working at the Sea View Condo Project in Myeik Township arrived on March 17th both by air and land.

Some social media users posted photos of the Chinese and claimed they had not undergone medical check-up for the Coronavirus. It sparked fearful rumours among the public.

The Chinese citizens went to Shwe Li Township aiming to increase their visa period and then they returned back to Myeik Township.

At present, the Health Department is conducting check-ups and they will be placed in home quarantine for 14 days upon arrival.

“The Public Health Department inquired about them at the bus terminal. We heard that they were workers from Sea View Condo Construction site. The immigration, the township general administrative and police informed that they will bring the them to the hospital. So, we conducted medicals for them. We would like to say to the public that they have no fever. There are a total of 12 Chinese citizens that came to Myeik by air and car. The medical team carried out thermal screening measures to six Chinese citizens who came here by air. But the remaining six were missed because they came here by land,” said Dr Thandar Myo Win, Medical Superintendent of Myeik Township Hospital.

Authorities are now carrying out health screening measures at border gates.


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