Court drops charge against lab assistant

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Feb 11, 2020

Myingyan District Court yesterday dropped the charge against Shun Le Myat Noe arrested for working as a lab assistant in the cannabis cultivation and brought three charges against the plantation manager.

Deputy Judge Daw Khin Than from the court information team said: “Shun Le Myat Noe is acquitted under Section 253 (a) of Penal Code. Plantation manager Ko Shein Latt is charged under Section 16 (a), 20 (a) and 16 (b) of Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Law.”

Shun Le Myat Noe is released after more than nine months in jail. She did not get any salary till now.

On 22 April, 2019, Mandalay Region Police inspected the US III M Company’s research plantation in Myotha Industrial Park Project in Nganzun Township in Mandalay Region as the news on a 50-acre cannabis plantation was circulated on social media. According to the laboratory test, the samples are found to be cannabis.

The police arrested John Fresric Todorokiji from the US and two in-charges. The court granted bail of Ks 300 million to the US citizen due to his health condition.

According to the statement by the III M Global Nutraceutical Company, the company officially started growing United States (Kompolti/AB seeds) and EU (Kompolti/EU seeds) imported from the US in May, 2018, with the permission of the Mandalay Region Government.

The court brings charges against three BOD members and two US agriculturalists inclduing John Fresric Todorokiji under Section 16 (a), 20 (a) and 16 (b) of Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Law. Now all US citizens on trial have now left Myanmar.

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