Five firemen injured in Mandalay bus terminal fire

Source : Myanmar Times
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Feb 11, 2020

Five firemen were injured while fighting a fire at a bus terminal in Mandalay, the region’s Fire Services Department said on Monday.

The five firemen had to be treated after they ran out of oxygen while fighting the fire, which broke out late Saturday at a warehouse at Kywel Sel Kan bus terminal in Pyigyitagun township, it said.

Police have yet to determine the cause of the fire and the amount of property damage.

Earlier Sunday, a man was injured when a fire broke out at a house that stores several barrels of diesel in Me Kin Kone village in Patheingyi township.

The department said that three people died as a result of 276 fires that broke out in the region last year. The fires also injured 26 and left nearly 800 people homeless. Property damage from the fires totalled at least K430 million (US$300,000).

Last month, a fire razed part of the Sky Walk Shopping Mall at Mandalay city’s Yadanabon Market complex, causing at least K1 billion in damage.

Township fire departments in the region urged the public to take extra care when using fire, and called on owners of factories, warehouses and restaurants to make sure they have fire safety equipment.

TOP IMAGE: Firefighters battle a fire at the Kywel Sel Kan bus terminal. Phyo Wai Kyaw/The Myanmar Times

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