Police cracks down casinos in Techilek after President commented about it

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Feb 10, 2020

Police cracked down casinos in Techilek hours after the President made a comment to take action on the casinos in Techilek, sources said.

The operation to crack down the casinos started on the afternoon of February 6 and police raided casinos in five places in Techilek, said a police officer from Techilek police station.

Staff from the General Administrative Department, police, fire brigade members and ward administrators are included in the teams to make operations.

“We raided five places and now all casinos in the town are closed due to the operation. Some casino owners locked up their homes,” said Tun Win Than from Techilek.

President Win Myint met with officials in Taunggyi, Shan State and said he had information about the casinos in Techilek. He knew about it in details such as their locations. He instructed the authorities to take action on them and hours later the authorities raided the casinos in the town.

The casinos located in Parshan Ward raided on the afternoon of February 6 and all casinos in the town will be raided, according to the police.

MP Sai Lon Sam Khat of Techilek Constituency said it is appropriate to crack down the casinos in Techilek and the existence of casinos can increase crimes and narcotic cases day by day.

TOP IMAGE: Thai citizens returned to their country after Myanmar cracked down casinos in Techilek (Photo-Sithu Maung)

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