Giant whale found dead in Maungdaw

Source : Daily Eleven
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Jan 17, 2020

A 46-foot-long wale has died after being grounded on the Alethankyaw beach in southern part of Maungdaw Township, Rakhine State, according to the Maungdaw District Fisheries Department.

The whale was discovered grounded by local people on January 15 evening and authorities went to the scene on January 16 morning.

The dead whale is 46 feet in length, seven feet in height and 30 feet in diameter.

"Local residents found the dead whale yesterday and we came to the scene to check the wale today. It was found over one mile from the north of a shrimp hatchery in Alethankyaw," said an official from the Fisheries Department.

In March 2012, two whale sharks were found dead and beached near Indin Village, along the southern Maungdaw beach.

TOP IMAGE: Photo shows the dead whale

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