77 acres of poppy plantations destroyed in Nanyun

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Jan 16, 2020

KHAMTI- The Anti-drug force in Khamti Township destroyed 77 acres of poppy plantations in Lachlan village, Takyl region, Nanyun Township, Naga Self-administered zone, Sagaing Region.

“Myanmar Police Force and the Agriculture and General Administration Departments, held educative talks at the village and then we destroyed the poppy plantations. We have also destroyed the poppy plantations. According to the geographical condition, the villagers have to grow the poppy as a manageable scale,” said Deputy Head Philip Win from General Administrative Department in Khamti Township.

“Some villages in Naga region grow the poppy as a medicine because the region can’t use the modernized medicines. That’s why they have to use opium instead of the medicines if they will get the fever. There is no commercial dealing so they didn’t use the heroin. But, they eat the black opium as their traditional medicine,” said a local.

TOP IMAGE: Poppy plantations in Lachan village, Nanyun Township

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