Shwe Pyi Thar fire destroys hundreds of squatter homes

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Nov 22, 2019

YANGON-About 250 squatter homes were burnt down in Seikkantha Street in Ward No.18, Shwe Pyi Thar Township, Yangon Region, yesterday noon.

A fire started in one home of the squatter and quickly inflagerated nearby homes. The intensity of the fire was marked level 2 by the fire department.

“A firefighter and three civilians were injured and over 240 houses were also burnt down. But, there is no casualty. Currently, a child remain missing and we are also still investigating the area,” said an officer from Fire Brigade in Northern District.

“We also provided vehicles to extinguish the blaze. There were many squatter huts. Although the area isn’t wide, the houses were densely built. About 250 houses were destroyed. We already opened three relief camps and provided aid to the victims,” said the secretary from the Social Welfare Association.

An unidentified official from Fire Brigade also said that the huts were made of bamboo and were very close to each other, making the fire spread quickly.

“We lived here for over one decade. The fire started in a hut near the Banyan tree. However, the family tried to extinguish the blaze by themselves. Later on when firefighters arrived, the fire had spread because the houses were close. We lost all our possessions,” said one of the victims.

Totaling 964 people have been left homeless after a fire destroyed almost 242 homes. Now, three fire relief camps are being opened and the officials are now investigating the cause of the fire.

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