They have no news about MP detained by AA: official

Source : Daily Eleven
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Nov 20, 2019

About ten villages in Paletwa Township, Chin State are destroyed due to fighting and they have received no information of MP Hwei Tin yet, said Soe Htet, minister for development affairs, electricity and industry for the state.

“The villages are destroyed by the fighting occurred between army and Arakan Army (AA). The villagers are not dared to stay in their village as the AA entered and exited in their village every time. Schools in the villages are also closed and villagers are moved to other places. Some moved to Thiki Village, Htantalan Township. The government relocated the IDPs in low cost housing and provided food. We haven’t heard of the MP detained by the AA,” said the minister.

About 100 IDPs from 20 family households from Mipha area in Paletwa are now living at Thiki Village.

About 6,000 IDPs are living in Paletwa Township but they are not living in camps like the IDPs stayed in Rakhine State. They are only living in their relative homes.

IDPs arrived near Mizar Village in the township due to the fighting since two years ago and now the number of IDPs is increased to about 1,200, said the minister.

The authorities have issued Section 144 in the township and the number of IDPs is increased at the present due to the fighting.

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