11 persons from NSCN-K including five leaders sentenced to 2 years’ imprisonment

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Nov 08, 2019

Sagaing Region, Khamti District court reportedly sentenced 11 members of National Socialist Council of Naga-Kaplang (NSCN-K) including five leaders to two years’ imprisonment each on November 6, 2019.

The five leaders are Religious Minister Kyaw Wan Sein, Forest Minister An Kant, Home Affairs Minister An Mai, Central Committee members Lt. Col. Aung Saing and Saw Htin.

NSCN-K issued a statement in which expelled the five leaders from the organization.

Kyaw Wan Sein said that he did not want to give any comment on this statement.

“I cannot say what will be the consequences of this punishment whether it will have any impact on us or not but currently the organization expelled us from the organization. So, it will depend only on the relationship between the organization which expelled us and the union government,” he added.

The NSCN-K is based in Taga village, Nanyun Township, Naga Self-Administered Zone, Sagaing Region.

Hkamti strategic command under Northwest Region Military Command raided NSCN-K HQ on January 29, 2019 after it harboured Assam and Meitei armed insurgents which are fighting against Indian government in its controlled areas.

The government charged the five under section 17(1) of Unlawful Associations Act in March 2019.

Similarly, six more NSCN-K members were charged under same section 17(1) of Unlawful Associations Act on May 17, 2019.

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