Ancient elephant uncovered at Amarapura monastery

Source : Myanmar Times
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Nov 08, 2019

Elephant bones estimated to be over 200 years old have been discovered on the grounds of a monastery in Shan Kalay Kyun village in Amarapura township, Mandalay Region, the monastery’s head monk said.

Sayadaw U Thizzana, the monastery’s head monk, said that workers were digging the foundation of a new dining hall when they uncovered the bones.

He said the workers are slowly excavating the entire skeleton of the elephant.

“We found the first bones five days ago and will continue digging to recover the whole body,” the head monk said.

He said that according to local legend, there was an elephant shed at the entrance of the village in ancient times. “There was an elephant shed in the village during the reign of King Bodawpaya at about the time of the establishment of Amarapura, so I guess the bones are over 200 years old.”

“Some officials from the Archaeological Department came to inspect the bones, which have been put on display at the monastery,” the monk said.

Workers have recovered the head and the excavation will continue until the other parts are dug out.

Amarapura was the capital of Myanmar during King Bodawpaya’s reign from 1782 to 1823. The city is more than 237 years old, which is older than Mandalay.

Shan Kalay Kyun village is on the Ayeyarwady river and suffers from flooding during the rainy season every year.

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