Yangon University campus ring road project suspended

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Nov 06, 2019

Yangon University Student Union Chairman Nyi Zaw said that they had a meeting with Higher Education Department Director General Dr. Thein Win on November 4 and approved the suspension of the building of campus ring road inside the Yangon University in the wake of protests against the project.

A 3-point agreement was reached where they agreed the building of the inner ring road inside the campus shall be suspended, the project shall be cancelled absolutely unless getting agreement from teachers and students, and not to fell more trees unless there is permission from the Forest Department.

Before reaching agreement on the project, the students staged a protest for the second time on November 4 as they did not agree with felling trees to clear the area.

A total 76 trees were planned to be felled but the students from Yangon University Student Union counted the marked trees one by one and then found that over 100 trees were marked for felling.

A meeting will be held in the second week of November to seek consent from teachers and students.

If implemented 1.4 million kyats will be reportedly spent from Education budget.

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