Agreement reached on temporary suspension of project in YU

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Nov 05, 2019

Yangon University Students’ Union yesterday reached an agreement with Higher Education Department on the temporary suspension of ring road and landscaping project in the compound of Yangon University.

This came after the meeting between Yangon University Students’ Union and Higher Education Department in Yangon University on November 4.

Both sides agreed to temporality stop ring road and landscaping works, to abolish the project if both sides do not reach an agreement, to repair the damages with the consensus by scholars, students and faculty members, not to cut down the trees without the comments by Forest Department and the approval of students and teachers and to seek the comments from faculty members and students when the budget is asked for academic and infrastructural development project.

On November 3, Yangon University Students’ Union organized a campaign against the cutting down of trees in the compound of Yangon University. On November 4, the students also made a demonstration in the compound of Yangon University.

On October 31 and November 1, Yangon University Students’ Union and the university authority held a talk on the excessive tree cutting in the compound of Yangon University.

On November 2, the Yangon University Students’ Union also made a demonstration, calling for stopping tree-cutting and not giving the priority to superficial changes.

On October 2, the Student Union issued a statement opposing the works that destroy the greening and ecosystem of the campus. The use of funds on the superficial changes before the centenary of Yangon University instead of using these funds in other necessary educational field, is not suitable.

Yangon University Centenary Committee is implementing the clearance of trees and construction of ring road project. Yangon City Development Committee is carrying out tree cutting with the permission of university authority. The YCDC has cut down 25 out of 76 trees included in the project.

The Yangon University Students’ Union said it will continue to monitor the situation by sticking to the two points.

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