Over 46,000 flood victims in Kyaikmaraw need emergency aid

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Aug 15, 2019

More than 46,000 flood victims from over 8,900 family households in Kyaikmaraw Township are in need of emergency aid and over 100 schools are shut down, according to the township flood relief administrative office.

They are from two wards in Kyaikmaraw and 27 villages in the township.

“The flood usually occurred in our township annually. We faced floods for two months last year. Rain poured down for 14 inches per day from August 10. The flood was worse on August 11. Water level is increased although rain was not poured down on August 12 and 13,” said Saw Aung Myint Khaing, Karen Ethnic Affairs Minister for Mon State.

He continued, “Our town is located at a place where Thanlwin River, Gyaing River and Attaran River meet. Water level in Attaran River is reached above its danger level and reached to 570 centimeters. Water level is increased although rain was not poured down much.”

A total of eight flood relief camps are opened in the township and some flood relief camps are overcrowded with the flood victims. Some flood victims have taken shelter at their relatives’ homes and friends’ homes, he said.

The authorities have not enough boats to provide provisions for the flood victims, he added.

“We only have eight boats and we used three of them to provide food and drinking water in villages. We can go two times per day and we have difficulties to provide provisions. We cannot use roads as bridges in the township are damaged. Trucks cannot go in Kyauktalone Khunnekwe road we are currently using as landslides are happened on the road. We are worried that smaller cars are using the road,” he said.

Locals said flooding in this year is worse than previous years. In some areas, a whole house is submerged under water.

“When rain and the time of flood meet, flood is worse. My home was being submerged on August 9. Rescuers came and we arrived at the flood relief camp,” said Cho Mar Aung from Beinbyaw Village.

“We have aid at the camp. We don’t have any as a whole house went under water. Water level may increase,” she said.

“Flood was started on 7th days of the waxing of Wagaung. It was occurred for five days now. We faced flood in 1997, 2005 and 2013. Water level is normally increased to our thigh level. Now the water covered the downstairs of our home. We have difficulty as we have no boat. So we have to go shopping in advance,” said Hla Than from Shinsawpu ward.

“Water level is increased as it is the time of flood. Our belongings are not damaged much but the well is covered with flood water,” she said.

In some villages and Kyaikmaraw, water covered houses in whole. Rental charges of the boats are high and some cannot hire boats.

Water level of Attaran River is increased and continuous rainfall is worsening the flooding.

Weather in Kyaikmaraw is misty on August 13 and little rain is poured down sometimes.

Civic organizations and donors went to provide flood victims in villages where transportation is difficult to access but lack of boats prevented them to reach to flood victims in time.

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