Bagan inches closer to elevated status

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Jun 15, 2019

Myanmar has been working since 1996 on an application to have the ancient capital of Bagan listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

However, UNESCO suggested to Myanmar in 1997 that it apply only after meeting all the requirements, such as detailed records of the ancient structures in the heritage zone and a conservation plan, for the listing.

Twenty-one committee members will decide on Bagan’s application at the World Heritage Committee session in Baku, Azerbaijan, from June 30 to July 10.

After more than a decade, it was able to resume the work for being listed in UNESCO’s world heritage list.

“With regards to Bagan, members of UNESCO’s International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMS) agreed that the area should be listed as a world heritage site. However, ICOMS remarked that Myanmar government and citizens need to keep carrying out the requirements in the management plan for Bagan region,” said heritage adviser Daw Ohmar Myo during an event atthe at the Secretariat in Yangon to provide updates on the efforts to have Bagan listed as a world heritage site.

ICOMS does field studies and advises countries on applying for world-heritage-site listing.

UNESCO’s World Heritage List includes ancient cities, areas where cultures started blooming, ancient caves, and architectural monuments.

There are six criteria to be listed, and UNESCO considers a site worthy of listing if it meets only one of the criteria.

In Myanmar, the ancient Pyu cities of Tha Yay Khit Ta Yar, Hanlin, and Beikthano, were listed in 2014.

Bagan is applying under three criteria, including developments in architecture and culture, and cultural heritage.

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