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May 23, 2019

This is the chorus from the song named “No Chance.” The song from the album named One by the band The Zero is about a person left only with pain and a cup of ice-cold coffee as his or her love flies away by plane.

Sentimental pop rock songs are, I think, what the band masters. The band was born through hope and humility, and was formed by three members six years ago: Aung Chan Myae (Drummer), Shane Aung (Vocalist) and Aung Min Hein (Guitar). They continue to grow in popularity through original and cover songs.

They adopted the name The Zero to reference that they started everything from nothing.  They have received great feedback from the local music industry. The Zero said their first hit is “Miss me wearing a smile,” which debuted online six years ago. The next one is a song called “One Day.”

The band members are currently working and attending universities in Singapore, but they have managed to release their second album called To the moon and back.

Myanmar Business Todaycontacted the band to talk about their second album.

MBT:What the difficulties did you face when working on an Album,  due to you guys having full time jobs?

The Zero: The most difficult thing is arranging the time it works for everyone since we all have our own full-time jobs. Since the fee for hiring a recording studio is very expensive here, we have to record at home. Beside this, there are really no other difficulties. We all have the same music taste.

Have you ever had any disagreement between the members? How do you handle the disagreements?

We do have some disagreement when there are different music ideas. However, we always manage to handle that.

In your band, who writes the most songs most? Even a local star like Kyar Pauk praises your band, what do you want to say about that?

Shane Aung and Aung Min Hein write most of the songs. The ex-member Michael Lin also writes some of the songs.

We are very happy and even surprised when we receive comments from Ko Kyar Pauk. We felt somewhat scared when we gave him our demo as our songs are different from his musical tastes. We are very grateful to such a gesture to bring newcomers with him.

What types of songs will include in your future albums?

We want to create rougher versions with a more powerful style. In lyrics, the songs about love will be fewer.

What is interesting on your Facebook page is that you show how to play your songs on Guitar. Why do you do this?

We want to communicate with the fans and want them to play our songs.

What do you think about the music industry in Myanmar? What is the reason that you will return Myanmar one day?

Shane Aung: I think people focus on you appearance rather than your music.

Aung Min Hein: It still has a long way to be better. Both artists and fans need to change.

Aung Chan Myae:So far as we see, some people are following the trend and just doing covers. I am not satisfied with this.

Who are your favorite bands or singers? What would you have been doing if you did not choose music?

Shane Aung: In global scene, I like Imagine Dragons, Ed Sheeran, and Sam Smith. On the local scene, I love Idiots, Eternal Gosh, and Big Bag.

Aung Min Hein:I listen to many singers from Bryan Adams to Ed Sheeran. My favorites are Breaking Benjamin, Three Day Grace, Linkin Park, AV7X, All Time, Low, Busted, 5SOS, Tonight Alive, and more. On the local scene, I like Idiots, Big Bag and Eternal Gosh.

Aung Chan Myae:Linkin Park, Suicide Silence, The World Alive, Slipknot, Greenday, Bullet For My Valentine and other bands. On the local scene, I love Big Bag, Drive, Idiots, Reason, Wanted, Sarah, Dusty Way, and Fever 109.

Do you have any future plans and anything to say?

We have plans to issue an EP and also make a music video for the songs in the album To the moon and back.

We are trying to go on tour in Singapore, Yangon, Mandalay and Taung Gyi as part of the TMB tour.

We want to take this opportunity to thank our fans, both old and new. And we also promise to continue making new music.

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