11 Police injured while holding landmine detection drill in Mdy

Source : Daily Eleven
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May 22, 2019

MANDALAY- Mine blast occurred yesterday morning while on conducting landmine clearing training in Mandalay Region Police Office, leaving 11 members injured.

“Mandalay Region Police Force conducted the mine clearing training course. Mine blast accidentally took place during landmine detection drill. Currently, two are seriously injured. Whether one victim will cut his leg or not? We are now discussing with the specialists. There is no worry,” said unidentified police officer.

The Daily Eleven asked the Mandalay Region Police Force Office about the mine blast accident. However, the office replied that it was the internal mine clearing training and there may be worksite danger.

Eight victims out of 11 are now receiving medical treatments at the Mandalay General Hospital.

“Two trainers from the military were attending at the mine clearing course. Training sample landmines must be used in the training and then real landmines must be shown. However, the size of real mines and samples are the same. The real mine was painted green. We knew that there could be misdoing. We are now investigating about the incident,” said Military Information Team.

The police member who conducted the landmine course was injured on his left ankle.

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