Gold deposit found in Sagaing Region

Source : Daily Eleven
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Feb 12, 2019

MONYWA- A gold deposit was found between Banmauk and Indaw Townships in Sagaing Region but has been promptly closed as locals flocked there to dig for gold, says MP Win Shwe from No.1 Constituency in Banmauk Township.
       The Department of Rural Region Development found the precious mineral vein when they had built the rural road linking between Banmauk and Indaw Townships.
       “The gold deposit is situated between Banmauk and Indaw Townships. We’ve built the rural road at the place where gold deposit had been found. It is a very large gold deposit. Currently, it has been closed under the arrangement of the District Management Committee,” said MP Win Shwe.
       He urged the locals to officially apply for permit if they wanted to dig for gold.

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