Hundreds of workers stage protest in Yangon

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Feb 12, 2019

Hundreds of workers staged a protest in support of making amendments to labour laws to live up to ILO standards, forming independent organisations and protecting labours in front of Maha Bandoola Park in Yangon on February 10.
       Hundreds of workers carrying labour unions’ flags and placards gathered in front of Maha Bandoola Park in Yangon. The labour leaders from Myanmar Labour Union Federation, Myanmar Industry Craft and Services Trade Union Federation talked on salient points of Settlement of Labour Dispute Bill and Amendment Bill of Labour Organization Law.
       “The leaders of labour union and labour are being sacked and dismissal rate is on the rise. The labourers are sent to the court in case of labour conflict. The trial period is very long. We, the workers have nothing to eat. The government should know this situation. Effective punishments should be supplemented when making amendments to the law. Some workers asked for leave and holidays that they should enjoy. Some workers protested about lowest wages. The workers faced dismissals. We don’t have the right to protest the workers. We have the right to form labour organizations but protections are not provided us. We have got Amendment Bill of Labour Organization Law. It is threatening us. We have no tolerance. Therefore, we demand an immediate amendment to this law,” said Nay Lin Aung, Secretary-1 of Myanmar Industry Craft and Services Trade Union Federation.
       Those involved in the protest demanded that rule of law should prevail; labour court should appear; organizations should be independently formed; government employees should be added to the labour law; directions restricting the workers should be revoked; legal protection should be given to the workers from Special Economic Zone; labour laws should be amended in line with ILO standards; and No 98 ILO provision should be signed.

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