Most of the fishing boats in Myeik archipelago are not obeyed laws: Taninthayi chief

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Nov 18, 2018

Nearly 1,600,000 stimulant tablets were seized stored in a car in a new ware house on Kantkaw Road in Myothit Ward-8 in Insein Township on the evening of November 17, according to Yangon North District Police Force.

Acting on a tip-off, the anti-narcotic drug force and the regional police searched for a warehouse. One land cruiser and two Hilux vehicles were found in the warehouse. Nearly 1,600,000 stimulant tablets stored in the Hilux were found.

A police officer from Yangon North District Police Force said: "The police searched for the warehouse in Insein according to the seizure of 1,800,000 stimulant tablets in Ohnshitpin. I cannot reveal the details as the police are making an ongoing investigation into the drug ring."

An official from Township General Administration Department said: "The warehouse is always closed. It has been about one month the warehouse is completed."

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