30th Anniversary of “8888” Uprising marked

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Aug 07, 2018

An opening ceremony to commemorate the 30th Anniversary of “8888” Uprising kicked off at Recreation Centre (RC) in the compound of Yangon University for the first time on August 6.
        Typewriter, utensils, documentary photos of those killed in the uprising are on show at the event that is taking place from August 6 to 8. It also includes a display of documentary videos filmed by foreign news agencies.
        Monks, Yangon region ministers, MPs, 88 generation students, those who participated in the “8888” uprising, students and political activists attended the opening ceremony.
        Ye Naing Aung, deputy head of the People’s Party said: “Thanks to the “8888” Uprising, we have to enjoy the democratic rights now. But it cannot be said to be perfect. I would like to urge the government to write the history of 8888” Uprising as quickly as possible.”
        Mya Aye, an 88 generation student, said: “The people have yet to fully meet their demands made in the “8888” uprising. We have got the characteristics of democracy such as the multi-party elections, parliaments and the democratic government. But the current political conditions cannot fully fulfill these demands. We have a long way to build the federal democratic union that can guarantee the self-determination aspired by ethnics.
        The “8888” Uprising museum (temporary) opens to the public in Thingangyun Township in Yangon apart from Monday.
        Political talks on “Equal rights of ethnics and the federal union”, “Myanmar’s politics” and “dictatorship” are being held at the event. On August 8, a suggestion paper will be released after the talks,” Mya Aye added.

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