Heroine Weapons Black-market Related Some Businessmen to Be Explored

Source : The Yangon Times News
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Aug 12, 2013

“Some Popular Businessmen from Myanmar involved in Black-marketing of Heroine and Weapons would be investigated on information we got,” said a responsible person from Special Anti-Drug Squads of Myanmar Police Force.
        Such message would be confirmed right or false, and to take action by concrete proofs by the Law may be arranged.
        Related to the case, a responsible person from Special Anti-narcotic Taskforce Myanmar said,”We got People listed. Some Weapons, some Drug smuggling, investigating at the moment, not detail we could say yet.”
        “Today in Transparency Era of Democracy, such events were found, so we we would carry out according to the Law. Neither wealthy men nor Popular Businessmen could break the Law.”
        “If there were concrete proofs, whoever one may be, he/ she may be arrested,”he said.
        Maung Weit once a Pop in Myanmar Business was taken action five years ago by Drug Case.
        Some Top Businessmen who trade illegal of Drug and Weapons outlaw need to be prohibited restrictly, said a Court Lawyer.
        “I do not want to call his name but such crimes were really taken action, a Good Jurisdiction System would appear in the Governance of U Thein Sein,” he said.

        The Businessman Maung Weit was called for investigation by the respective Department related to Drug Illegal Trade with some Arts-Performers that was taken action in prison for long years.

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