Due to Cyclone Amphan, Some parts in Rakhine State prohibits travelling by boat

Source : Daily Eleven
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May 22, 2020

Sittwe-Sue to Cyclone Amphan, Rakhine State face strong wind and travelling by boats are prohibited.

Since May 19, some parts of Rakhine State experience strong wind and roof-tops were destroyed in some IDP camps.“Travelling by boats is prohibited and we have to run after the cyclone Amphan. But, we don’t know what are the instructions for fishing vessels,” said a spokesman from waterway. Concerning big tidal wave, one of the Rakhine local said as follow.

“We got moderate wind but the sea level is higher. But, no fishing vessels go for fishing,” said Ba Saw Phyu, a fisherman from Thandwe Township. On May 20, some townships got rain but not a heavy rain. There are some big wave in the beach and running of coastal passenger boats are prevented.

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