MAI assists quarantined Myanmar citizens in Singapore

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May 22, 2020

Myanmar Airways International (MAI) has provided food and assistance to over 800 Myanmar citizens being kept in quarantine in Singapore by the cooperation of Zaw Aung from MSCT PTE LTD. living in Singapore, sources said.

The assistance and food will be used till the end of May.

The airline is flying chartered flights to evacuate Myanmar citizens overseas and more than 500 monks and people from Bangkok, Dhaka, Kuala Lumpur and Gaya are evacuated through chartered fights arranged by the MAI.

The airline also evacuated over 6,000 Myanmar migrant workers, who are being trafficked and sold into slavery in Indonesia and Malaysia by the cooperation of KBZ Bank using US$2.5 million and over Ks600 million.

In the 2015 flood, the airline flew 24 domestic and overseas flights and Air KBZ 49 domestic flights to carry and send flood relief items.

MAI, Air KBZ, KBZ Bank, KBZ MS General Insurance and KBZ Life donated Ks 3.3914 billion to prevent, control and cure COVID-19 till May 7, 2020.

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