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Police arrests three killers including two minors in Kalay
Source : Daily Eleven View Count : 591
Nov 19, 2019

Police arrested three people including two minors, who committed a murder near Tharsi Village, Kalay Township on November 12, sources said.

“The murder case was happened near Tharsi Village and no one knew who committed the crime at first as it was happened at night time. We need to make investigation and trailed the culprits. One of them told his father name at a shop which sold fuel. The two minors are kept under the control of the head of police station. The other one is in the jail. We are arranging to sue them,” said Inspector Bo Bo Aung from Kalay Township police station.

The decease, Tin Myint, came back from Kalay to Tharsi Village and he found three unknown people got quarreled. He went to stop them and they beat him. He fainted and sent to Kalay hospital. Later he died at the hospital.

The case was lodged a complaint against under Section 325/114 of the Penal Code initially and it was changed to Section 302/114 of the Penal Code.

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