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Fishery Federation Calls for Ban on Mixed Fish Breeding
Source : Myanmar Business Today View Count : 597
Nov 12, 2019

Myanmar Fishery Federation has urged the government to ban the practice of mixed fish farming. Fish farms in Myanmar often breed fish in a pond with a poultry farm above it.

“If a breeder wants to breed poultry, that is fine, we won’t stop them. However, we can’t allow the practice of poultry farms and fish farms being carried out together on a single premise. If the government, when issuing a fish breeding license, includes a ban on mixed fish breeding practices, then those practices will disappear,” said Dr. Toe Nandar Tin, Vice Senior President of Myanmar Fishery Federation.

Building a poultry farm above a fish farm is not in line with good aquaculture practices, antibiotics fed to chickens are often found in the fish as they feed on the feces of the chickens.

This feeding also leads to fish that are drug-resistant. Thus, she said preventive measures are now in need of implementation.

Currently, Saudi Arabia has banned fish exports from Myanmar as well as other ASEAN countries. Officials are trying to convince Saudi Arabia to lift the ban; they have invited them to inspect the fish breeding farms in Myanmar. However, problems are still being experienced as many farms are continue to practice mixed farming.

Mixed fish farming is a widespread practice in Myanmar, the previous government encouraged this system of breeding livestock with the belief that it was more efficient.

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