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Myanmar Medical Universities' Hiking and Trekking Team reach top of Saramati mountain
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Jan 12, 2019
Myanmar Medical Universities' Hiking and Trekking Team climbed Saramati mountain with a large numbers of team members for the first time. Myanmar Medical Universities' Hiking and Trekking Team usually climb a mountain in Myanmar every year.
          For this year, they have chosen Saramati mountain which is a peak rising above the surrounding peaks at the mountainous border of Naga Land, India and Sagaing Region in Myanmar. With a height of 3,840 m and a prominence of 2,885 m, Saramati is one of the ultra prominent peaks of Southeast Asia.
          "There are many snow-capped mountains especially in Kachin State, in Myanmar. Every mountain climber accepts that if you want to be a real mountain climber, you must climb Saramati mountain.
         Compare with other mountains, it is the most difficult mountain to climb. On the way to trekking or mountain climbing, we usually give treatment to villagers in villages along the way. Our team comprises of 50 people and it is the first time comprising of many people climbing the mountain at once," said Sai Kyaw Thu Htwe, leader of the Medical Universities' Hiking and Trekking Team.
          There are 48 people from Myanmar Medical Universities' Hiking and Trekking Team, two leaders, and 33 guides, altogether 83 climbed the mountain. they travelled 12 days on the trekking, and spent their nights at the small villages and in the forests.
          "Most of the people we treated along the way suffered aches and pain as it is the cultivating season. They also suffered cough and cold, hypertension, tooth ache and malnourishment in pregnant women and some children. But, majority of the children are strong and healthy. We also gave them anti-worm tablets. We also gave multi-vitamins to children," said Dr. Dr.Khine Haymar Myint.
          Saramati mountain is more than 12,000 feet above the sea level.
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