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An Old Ancient Pagoda of Over 50 Years Ago Found in USA
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Mar 28, 2015

An old Ancient Pagoda built by Mon Ethnicity Sayartaw over 5 decades ago, was found back again at a Jungle in USA said the news.
        An Identical Image of Shwedagon Pagoda which was built about 57 years ago by Mon Sayartaw U Thila Wuntha in USA a Foreigner-owned Property Jungle in USA.
        The Pagoda was found by Pilot Sayartaw and Donors of USA Sayartaw from USA that Bricks of Pagoda Base round and up to middle height well-damaged need renovation.
        “Pagoda was located in One’s Property far from Main Road and its jungle of nobody could not know,” explained Ms. Kaythi Htet who lives in USA paid Homage already to the Pagoda.
        The small Identical Shwedagon Pagoda was built and paid worshiped by Mon Sayartaw in Allegany City in New York State in 1958 on the land which was donated by Mr. Gus Ruggieri, was written by Mr. John de Jardin was expressed in www.muditabc.org,  said Close Friends of Pilot Sayartaw.
        Pilot Sayartaw and the Group found back the old ancient Pagoda at the same Pagoda built Spot. Nowadays the Pagoda Site land was bought again by Donors from that Foreigner preparing for Pagoda Renovation.
        Mon Sayartaw U Thila Wuntha was born at Wel Kalaung Village, Mon State in 1912 and was novice at about 15 years old, start built Pagodas from 1955.
        Sayartaw visited neighbor countries such as Thailand, Cambodia, Nepal, and India, and in 1958, he arrived at Allegany New York in USA and built the Pagoda Shwedagon Identical and paid Homage said the news.

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