Yangon’s Sanchaung township launches digital pet registration

Source : Myanmar Times
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Jun 26, 2020

Sanchaung township in Yangon launched digital pet registration on June 24 to improve the monitoring of household dogs and cats and prevent disputes.

The township municipal committee carried out the day-long digital registration by implanting microchips in the pets.

“The municipal committee already registers dogs, but disputes still arise when the dogs go missing, as many of them look alike,” said committee member Daw Toe Toe Khaing.

“By implanting the microchip in the upper part of the dog’s neck, we can check its code number with a scanner and identify the owner of the dog,” she added, “thus avoiding disputes.”

People who want to register their pet using a microchip are required to pay K5000 (US$3.60) and sign a pledge in case the pet bites someone.

The owners must follow municipal laws, and accompany the pet when it goes outside the house. Those who fail to follow the regulations face legal action, said Daw Toe Toe Khaing.

She warned that people who do not register their pets risk being fined up to K500,000 or six months in prison.

During a pilot project in two wards in Sanchaung on June 9, 54 cats and dogs were registered, so the project has been expanded to five wards.

Pet owners can apply for microchip registration through their village or ward administrators.

TOP IMAGE: An owner and her corgi seen after the digital registration is completed in Sanchaung township, Yangon. Photo: Mar Naw/The Myanmar Times

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