Three crocodiles from Thailand seized in Myawady

Source : Daily Eleven
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Jun 25, 2020

MYAWADY-Three crocodiles being brought from Maesoat, Thailand, were seized in Myawady Township, on June 22nd

According to the tip-off, saying that baby crocodiles were being bred at a house near Mahar Si Meditation Center in No.4 Ward, Myawady Township, Kayin State.

A team led by sub-inspector Min Min Tun inspected a house and they found three illegal crocodiles which were handed over to the Forest Department in Myawady Township.

Out of four crocodile breeders, one said that he visited Maesoat Township, Thailand, one week ago and bought three crocodiles from the Maesoat market aiming for aquarium.

The crocodile breeder is now charged with Protection against Biodiversity and Environmental Conservation law at the Myawady Police Station.

TOP IMAGE: Authorities inspected a house where crocodiles were bred

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