Seized precursor chemicals and paraphernalia destroyed in Shan State

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Jun 25, 2020

MUSE-In order to mark 33rd International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, the anti-drug force destroyed seized precursor chemicals and paraphernalia worth US$2.3 million at a field in No.1 Ward, Kutkai Township, northern Shan State, yesterday morning.

The destruction ceremony was attended by Lt-Gen Soe Htut, Union Minister of Home Affairs, Commander of north-east command Maj-Gen Aung Zaw Aye, the Officials from the Anti-drug force and departmental personnel.

Myanmar Police Force and military [Tatmadaw] seized a huge haul of drugs, precursor chemicals and drug-making equipment worth of over Ks 390 billion in Kutkai Township, northern Shan State from February 20th to May 1st.

In Kutkai Township, there were totaling 55 drug related cases and 32 drug traffickers were taken actions. However, 97 people are now absconding.

From the beginning of February 28th to March 11th, the anti-drug unit including military and police searched 266 houses out of 333 in Lweikhan village, Kutkai Township and they found heroin, various kinds of stimulant tablets, ICE, brown opium and drug-making machines at 29 houses.

The anti-police force seized drugs worth US$422.2 million in connection with 1,469 cases in Shan State until June 23rd and totaling 1,816 drug traffickers were taken actions, according to the Shan State Police Force.

Narcotic drugs which were seized across the country will be destroyed on June 26.

TOP IMAGE: Precursor chemicals and drug-making equipments destroyed in Kutkai Township (Photo-Tun Nay Hlaing-Naungpain)

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