Music Section

Biography of Musician Ko Khin Soe (Aurora)

Ko Khin Soe is born at Tar Yar Wa Di City and entering music environment by attended basic Guitar training in 1984. After that course, he met with other musicians and performing music at Thidinkyut and Tazaung Di festivals with his music colleague. Then he join to MG(10) (Kheta Pan Khin), Freedom (Shwe Taung Tan), A.1 Soe Myint, Dollar, Aurora, Audio Wave bands and making performances for many following years. Sayar Ko Khin Soe Learnt international music note from Sayar Philip Joseph and Royal Piano from Panic U Thet Oo.
Sayar Ko Khin Soe played his music in more than 40 music albums and now taking part in Burmeseclassic Music Training Sections to hand-over his music all audiences. With four sections (no charge), sayar will teach systematically how to play Piano, Keyboard, Guitar and Guitar (Classical) in step by step from basic.

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