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Challenging of Love
DeadHead Yep Cherished
A Fragrant Flower from Bagan
A Glance at Love
Love and Its Dignity
Dutiful but Thoughtless Son
Touching Bonds
Never Lie to Your Heart
MatchMaking Wreath
Ladies Who Love Me
Regretful Game
Great Expectation
Only Mom Can
Changed Heart of Moon Rays City
Miss Arrogant
One Lotus Red and One Lotus White
Strong Guile
Essence of Devotion
My Teacher
Unchangable Love
That´s why we are
Servant of Love
New Bosom
The Fifth Painting
I Miss You Painfully
The Moon Born from the Sun
Whom Do You Love Most
True Love
Life is Struggling
On Getting Six Lives
The Magician´s Flower
Pure Love
Good Hearted Bad Guy
Implicated Attachment
Panccanantariyakam (Five Acts that have immediate
Myself , Others , Man and Woman
The Spouse and the Lover
He sows when he reaps
Page 16
Twin Brothers In Different Lives
Shwe Nan Thar House
Due To This True Hatred
Dancer and Drummer
Great Goodwill
As Her Real Son
Love Be Win
Loud Speaker
Who really won?
Life after Life
Mommy´s Girls
Beyond Love
The River
Melt Away By A Kiss
A Love So Green
Lu Zaw
Losing Time
Heart 4
The Trail Of Cloud
The Village