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Bo-Bo-Bo locomotives shipped to Myanmar
BUSINESS Feb 22, 2017
CRRC Dalian has shipped a further pair of locomotives to Myanma Railways, and has now supplied the national railway with more than 50 locomotives ordered in five batches... 27

Fuel oil produced by MPE to sell at a flexible price
BUSINESS Feb 22, 2017
The price of fuel oil produced by Myanmar Petrochemical Enterprise (MPE) are opted to change every month, said an official from MPE... 11

Trade with ITC hit over Ks11billion as of 10th Feb in this FY
BUSINESS Feb 22, 2017
Trade value with the Individual Trading Card (ITC) reached over Ks11billion as of 10th Feb in the current fiscal year 2016- 2017, according to the Commerce Ministry.... 12

Tourists visit elephant camp in Bago Region
GENERAL Feb 22, 2017
It is a bit hard to find, but foreign visitors are discovering the Pho Kyar Elephant Camp situated at the foothills of the Bago Yoma mountain range in the Saing Ya tropical reserved forest, 10 mi... 18

8,000 low-cost apartments to be built
BUSINESS Feb 22, 2017
With low-income residents in mind, the Ministry of Construction is planning an affordable housing project with apartments that will sell for less than Ks100 lakh, according to the Department of ... 10

69th Chin National Day celebrated
GENERAL Feb 21, 2017
The 69th Chin National Day which falls on 20 February, was celebrated in Falam yesterday and was attended by President U Htin Kyaw and First Lady Daw Su Su Lwin, state media reported. ... 40

“Bagan Sunset Hill Site” View Point Just Opened
GENERAL Feb 21, 2017
In Old Bagan Cultural Site, Domestic and Tourists to view Sunset, 5 View Points were under preparation; among them, the first was innovated Ko Mauk Enbankment to a hill site and was start opened on 19... 29

Domestic gold price on the rise in keeping with high global price
BUSINESS Feb 20, 2017
The gold market was cool during the Chinese New Year festival, resulting in a price slip. The domestic gold price has bounced back with the rise in global gold price and high demand, according t... 105

High-quality Zwekapin swimming pool opened in Pha-an
BUSINESS Feb 20, 2017
If swimming pools were rated the same way as hotels, the Zwekapin swimming pool in Kanthaya park, Pha-an township would merit five stars.... 28

10,000 tonnes of parboiled rice exported in 10 months
BUSINESS Feb 20, 2017
Over 10,000 tonnes of parboiled rice were shipped to foreign countries over the past 10 months in this fiscal year, fetching nearly US$4million, according to the Commerce Ministry.... 48

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