AA attacks Tatmadaw column, kills one civilian in separate incidents

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Mar 23, 2019

ON THE evening of 21 March, a Tatmadaw column conducting regional stability and security operations in Yathedaung Township, Rakhine State, was attacked by the AA group who were equipped with small and heavy arms. The fighting left two from the Tatmadaw side injured.
       The Tatmadaw column was attacked by the AA group in a location between Yaygaungchaung Village and Setaung Village in Yathedaung Township around 9:30 p.m. on 21 March, About 150 AA personnel launched attacks from five positions north of Setaung Village. The Tatmadaw column fought back and was reported to be continuing appropriate regional security operation.
       Earlier, on the evening of 20 March, two masked men from AA came to the house of U Maung Tin in Sannyin Village, Myebon Township, Rakhine State, and shot him in his sleep, killing him on the spot.
       Groups of AA personnel have been taking cover in wards and villages and have been shooting and planting landmines against Tatmadaw security columns. As unnecessary civilian casualties could be caused, people in towns, wards and villages of Rakhine State are urged not to accept any AA personnel and are requested to report to relevant administrative organisations of the presence of AA personnel in towns, wards and villages, according to news released by Tatmadaw Commander-in-Chief Office.

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