Marine exports up $26 mln in five months

Source : The Global New Light of Myanmar
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Mar 11, 2019

MYANMAR earned about US$364 million from the export of fisheries products in the first five months of the 2018-2019 fiscal year, increasing by $26 million from the corresponding period last 2017-2018 FY, according to official figures issued by the Ministry of Commerce.
       From 1 October to 1 March 2019, the public sector made no trade deal for this kind of product.
       At this time last FY, the country’s export of fisheries products was $338.9 million.
       Myanmar exports freshwater fishes, shrimps and prawns, eels, mud crabs, seafood as well as dried fish, especially to ASEAN member countries, East Asian states and some European nations through border trade camps as well as non-border points of entry.
       The country’s marine export reached its peak of more than $700 million in the 2011- 2012 fiscal year. The value of the same decreased in the three consecutive financial years commencing in the 2012-2013 FY. It rebounded to $469 million in the 2015-2016 FY, $581 million in the 2016-2017 FY and $699 million in the 2017-2018 FY.

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