Removal of sandbanks in Mawlaik port is carried out

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Dec 05, 2018

Authorities are removing sandbanks in Mawlaik port to ease the entry and exit of vessels and for clean water for the town, sources said.
          “The sandbanks are 4,800 feet in length and 200 feet in width. It is expected to cost about Ks60 million to get rid of them. The removal of sandbanks is started on November 26 and we are implementing it with the cooperation of the Directorate of Water Resources and Improvement of River Systems. We are using 19 sand and gravel submersible pumping machines and one backhoe to remove the sandbanks. We disposed the sand to a place away from the port,” said an official from the Directorate of Water Resources and Improvement of River Systems.
          The sandbanks were emerged near the port last year and they had changed the flow of the water.
          “The sandbanks blocked the upper part of the port and we can use water. The locals used artesian wells to obtain water. Only small boats can dock at the upper part,” said a local.
          It is an important port for villages in Mawlaik and locals lived along Chindwin River. The locals organized a committee to improve river system in Mawlaik.
          “If only the river system is improved in Mawlaik, it will be convenience for villages in the area. We will continue to improve it. People need to involve in it,” said MP Cho Cho Win of Mawlaik Constituency.

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