Over 7,000 Myanmar workers arrested in illegal labour crackdown in Thailand

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Nov 08, 2018

Thailand arrested more than 7,000 Myanmar migrant workers in a crackdown on illegal workers in late October, according to Labour Officer Office in Chiang Mai of Thailand.

After the issuance of the new Foreign Labour Management Law by the Labour Ministry of Thailand, Thailand has intensified its crackdown on illegal migrant workers.

An official of Labour Office in Chiang Mai of Thailand said: “We can estimate the average number of arrested workers. This number is a bit high in October. In the previous month, this number stood at over 5,000.”

The number of arrested Myanmar migrant workers has reached over 7,000—over 5000 men and over 2000 women.

Thai authorities make crackdown on illegal workers across Thailand including illegal migrant workers in Mae Sot, Mahachai, Bangkok, Samut Prakan and southern Thailand.

The arrested workers have expired visa, have no document and work with the visit visa and n

“According to the agreement between the two countries, Thailand is sending back arrested Myanmar workers to Myanmar. It has been taking place since June, 2017. Now, Thai authorizes sends arrested Myanmar workers to the immigration office in Mae Sot. For instance, Thailand penalizes someone who commits the crime. But Thailand sends back undocumented workers to Myanmar,” he added.

Among the arrested migrant workers are workers from the EU and the Asia including Laos and Cambodia. There are about four million Myanmar migrant workers.

Myanmar Embassy's Labour Attache Office in Thailand has warned Myanmar workers to follow the rules.

Most of Myanmar migrant workers are facing difficulties as they have to work in the jobs which are not descried in the appointment letters and not in accord with the rules of contracts.

Now Myanmar migrant workers are flocking to Myawady, a Thai-Myanmar border town.

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