Myanmar migrant workers return to Myawady from Thailand without having a job

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Nov 08, 2018

A total of 38 Myanmar migrant workers under the agreement of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) are returned to Myawady from Thailand without having a job on November 6.

They are 30 men and 8 women and they are being transferred to employers like human trafficking victims. They have been sent to four places within 14 days making them struggled for their livings.

Myanmar Workers Company sent 197 workers to Thailand via Myawady border to work in construction jobs but their passports are seized and they are told to hide in the operation made by Thai authorities.

“We were working in farmland job previously and went to Thailand to earn more income. We gave Ks900,000 to Myanmar Workers Company as an agent fee. We left in October and I had a job in a construction work to build an airfield. Another job I had is also in the forest. We have to stay in a room with ten feet in width and length. It is difficult for us to obtain food. We cannot work anymore and we are worried about our safety so we came back to Myanmar,” said Naing Win from Sinmataung Village, Sinpinwe Township, Magway Region.

They went to Myanmar Overseas Employment Agencies Federation (MOEAF) with the help of a recruitment agent from Thailand but the negotiations cannot be settled, said the workers.

“We thought the employers will arrange for us to stay and eat as our job is in construction sector. When we arrived there, our job is not to build buildings. They sent us with cars into the forest. Our group has 45 people. The food is not ok as we only have an instant noodle for each per meal. We thought we will earn more in Thailand so I borrowed some money to pay an agent fee. We discussed about it the agent first and went to labour consulate. After that, we went to the office of the MOEAF. We cannot settle our dispute so we came back,” said Tun Lin from Lotechaung Village, Aunglan Township, Magway Region.

Myanmar MoU workers are exploited by brokers and agents and they arrived back to Myawady frequently. The workers are waiting to solve the issue with officials from Ministry of Labour and representatives of the agent.

“It is good to work MoU agreement but some facts in the agreements have differences in reality. The authorities need to help honest recruitment agencies and take action on dishonest recruitment agencies. We believe that it will end human trafficking by misusing MoU agreements,” said an officer from border guard forces.

The return of Myanmar migrant workers are reached to four times.

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