Ancient engraving can be explored at Kyay Myin Monastery in Mandalay

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Oct 09, 2018

KYAY MYIN Monastery donated by King Mindon’s queen is featuring ancient engraving arts and those enjoying historical site can explore its finest ancient works and unique arts.
        The monastery’s roof is three-tiered and engraving works on the entrance stairs are impressively featured.
        Wooden columns traditionally carved can be seen. The visitors can also explore the ancient furniture such as bronze bed, old lamps, cupboards. It is famous for its unique arts in The original owner was the Yandabo Ywarsar (a village- head entitled to a portion of revenue of the village) but it was restored by King Mindon’s queen.
        Kyay Myin Monastery is located on 62nd Street and the entrance is at the end of a narrow lane off the street.

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