Paper lanterns in good demand for festival of lights

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Sep 19, 2018

Since the beginning of September, paper lanterns for the festival of lights (Thadingyut Festival) are being sent everywhere across Myanmar and compared to last year, there is a good demand for paper lanterns according to those in the industry.
        The traditional Myanmar lantern is a popular decoration for many houses in entire Myanmar especially when the Thadingyut festival is near. The end of Buddhist Lent is marked nationwide with the three-day “Thadingyut” - Festival of Lights. Raw materials for paper lanterns have been bought since May and drawings, making various designs were continuously carried out until now. Distribution were made according to demand when the time is right. Orders for paper lanterns have increased this year and new designs are also requested.
        “This year market demand is lantern designs for motor boats and ships. We’ve sent our products out since early September. I think people once again are cherishing Myanmar traditional handicrafts. As there is good demand, there are more people in our ward that are working on making paper lanterns,” said U Thaw, whose livelihood is making paper lanterns and lives in north Ywa Thit near Mandalay 41 street.
        Majority of paper lanterns are made in north Ywa Thit near 41 streets, between 78 street and 80 street and Sein Pann ward. Designs such as car, rabbit, boat, ship fetch market demand and decorative paper lanterns also attract people. To gain more market share, new designs are being created these years. “Besides ordinary designs, I made carriages, and decorative lanterns for hanging. In these designs, I added Myanmar traditional paintings such as Mandalay moats or monasteries,” said U Thaw, maker of paper lanterns.
        Depending on the size and designs, price vary from Ks1000 to Ks5000.
        Pagodas and homes throughout the country in Thadingyut festival are decorated with electric lights, colourful paper lanterns, candles and even small ceramic saucers filled with oil in which wicks are lit all along the pavement or at houses.

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