Two men in Kengtung sentenced to death for rape and murder of high school student

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Sep 19, 2018

Kengtung District Court in eastern Shan State has ruled that two men to be hanged till death for rape and murder of a 19-year-old tenth grader, according to Shan State Police Force.
        This is the heaviest sentence ever passed by the district court, said a police officer.
        "In this case, a girl was raped, burnt to death and thrown away. The investigation through a ring on the corpse led to the arrest of the two suspects now under prosecution. Today, the district court sentenced them to death by hanging them until they definitely die," said an official from Shan State Police Force on September 17.
        On December 22 last year, an unidentified woman's charred body was found near Namlan hydropower station on the way to Loimway in Kengtung Township.
        According to investigation, she was an 18-year-old girl living in Kengtung. Her identity was confirmed by the police through a ring found in the body. She had gone missing for about five days.
        One suspect Soe Lwin, aged 40, was arrested by police in Kengtung on December 25. He pleaded guilty of rape and murder on December 26.
        Another suspect Aik Pe (aka) Sai Shen, aged 29, was arrested in Thazi town while he was there to face court trial for a car crash.
        Kengtung Police Station filed a case against them under Sections 302 and 210 of the Penal Code of Myanmar on December 22.

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