MR to resume suspended services after test-run

Source : Daily Eleven
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Sep 19, 2018

Myanmar Railways (MR) has conducted a test run on BR-305 Bridge between Swa and Myochaung, according to the MR’s statement.
        Due to the collapse of a spillway of Swa dam on August 29, resulting floods damaged the BR-305 Bridge between Swa and Myochaung. Military-owned city buses transported passengers that travel via Yangon-Mandalay train every day when the MR is repairing railroad sections damaged by floods.
        The MR will reopen its passenger trains and cargo trains to the public after a test-run of gravel-filled train on the repaired railroad sections.
        Soe Myint Aung, Division Engineer from the MR told the Daily Eleven on September: “The MR has repaired the BR-305 Bridge damaged by flood. On the evening of September 17, the MR conducted a test-run on it. Then, the MR will continue doing a test-run with gravel-filled trains. The MR will allow the resumption of passenger trains and cargo trains after a test-run. Roughly, the operations of trains are expected to resume on September 20.”
        The MR is making efforts to reopen the suspended Yangon-Mandalay railroad sections as quickly as possible.
        The MR is making over Ks-47 million in losses a day due to the suspension of train schedules. Currently, the MR operates up and down trains between Taungoo and Yangon and up and down trains between Pyinmana and Mandalay.

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