Myanmar-India border opened in Tamu

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Aug 11, 2018

An India-Myanmar border entry port opening ceremony was held on August 8 at 8:30 a.m. at Tamu Border Bridge in Sagaing Region.
        Staff Officer Tin Zaw Myint from Labour, Immigration and Population Department said, “Before signing a MoU, this entry port could be passed only with a passport or permission given by the President Office, or the permission is given by the ministry concerned but starting from today one can pass this border by passport or border pass without the ministry’s permission. People who use border pass (BP) can stay up to two weeks within the area stipulated by the two countries.”
        Under this agreement, BP holders can travel up to 16 miles, Imphal city and in Myanmar, the visitors can travel up to Falam district, 16 miles from the border.
        The opening of the border entry posts will facilitate the travel of passport holders with valid passports and valid visas from both countries and they can pass the border from these two border entry ports.
        Myanmar people who have a valid passport, valid visa issued by the Indian embassy in Myanmar or E-Visa can travel to India, and Indian nationals and foreign nationals who have a valid passport and a valid visa or E-visa issued by Myanmar embassies in the country concerned can travel to Myanmar through these two new border entry ports on the India-Myanmar border.
        The opening ceremony held in Tamu was attended by Chin State Chief Minister Salai Lian Luai, Chin State government Security and Border Affairs Minister Col. Han Win Aung, Chin State Auditor General Larr Tin Man, House of Nationalities MP from Chin State Za Hle Thang and Permanent Secretary of Labour, Immigration and Population and from Indian side, Mizoram State government Minister of Commerce and Industry Shri Pu H. Rohluna, India Consul General in Myanmar Mr. D. Kumar Praveen and Indian Consul in Myanmar Mr. Rajesh Kumar.
        Then the officials and guests went to the border entry port on the India side and inspected it. And it is learned that a similar border entry port building will be built by India for Myanmar.
        After the opening ceremony of the Indo-Myanmar Border, permanent secretary Aye Lwin and his team visited Integrated Check Post (ICP) on Indian soil and they inspected it.
        At this ICP building, officials from both countries discussed bilateral matters on passing through Indo-Myanmar border, travels and tours, and issuing visas.

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