Over 10,000 people in Kayin State still at rescue camps as river water remains above danger level

Source : Daily Eleven
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Aug 11, 2018

Despite a decrease of 831 centimeter, the Thanlwin River water remains above danger level, forcing over 10,000 people to continue to shelter at their rescue camps in Kayin State.

"As floodwaters subside in some low-lying areas, streets and lanes can be seen but homes are still in flood. Some have returned home while some still have to be at rescue camps," said a flood victim.

Although the Thanlwin River level has decreased a little after four townships in Kayin State have been severely flooded due to heavy rain for many days, most of the streams and creeks remain above dangler level. There are now 10,354 flood victims staying at their rescue camps— 6,398 people from 1,208 households at 12 rescue camps in Hpa-an Township; 1,363 people from 285 households at three rescue camps in Hlinebwe Township; 2,405 people from 517 households at four rescue camps in Kawkareik Township; and 197 people from 48 households from Kyainseikgyi Township in their relatives' homes.

"Despite decreasing river water levels, flood victims will still be in need of relief supplies. The management of the Kayin State government and assistance from young volunteers are encouraging," said a local resident from Hpa-an.

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