Transportation in Chindwin River temporarily stopped as the river swell

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Aug 08, 2018

Chindwin river water level in Kalaywa and Monywa reaches near danger level and therefore, boats running from Monywa to Chindwin regions are temporarily stopped. “Yesterday, we hold a meeting and decided to stop temporarily of boats if the water level reaches 980 cm. Today’s measurement reached 980 cm and so we ordered to stop cargo vessels, and passengers’ boats,” said an official from the Monywa private vessels committee office.
        In Kalaywa in upper Chindwin region, Chindwin river water level reached closely to danger water level and Department of Hydrology and Meteorology has warned those living in lower areas and living never the bank to take precaution measure.
        In Monywa, according to the data collected on August 6th, it reached Monywa’s danger level of 1000 am. In Minkin, the water level reached 1337 cm on August 6th measurement. The danger level of Minkin is 1350 and flooding occur in low lying areas of the town and so some houses are moving to safer areas.
        The main reason for stopping the private vessels in Chindwin River is to prevent loss of lives while the river is flooding. Private transportation in the Chindwin River has established in 2000. About 663 passenger and cargo boats are transporting people and cargo to their destination.

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