Traditional O Poat festival commence

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Aug 08, 2018

O Poat festival held before the Taung Pyone festival gradually attracts the interest of people. Selling of O Poat (kitchen-ware made by clay for kids playing) selling in advance the Tyaung Pyone festival starts.
        “The O Poat festival is held since we were young. It is neither a religious festival nor a Nat or spirit festival. But, it is held in advance of the Taung Pyone Nat festival.
        Since this place was a jetty in olden days, potters who went to Taung Pyone Nat festival for selling their products, temporarily stopped here and sold their products. It became a tradition and so people are now celebrating the festival,” said Myint Thein, board of trustees of Pyilone Chan Thar Zedi in Paddamya Taw Yat where O Poat festival held.
        At present, there are 20 shops and together with O Poat sellers, there is traditional Myanmar delicacies stall as well as there are earthen-ware shops. This year O Poat festival is on August 19 but there are O Poat sellers already selling their products in Myaukpyin 76 (Sithar Road) and Kannar Road.

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