Heavy rain destroys nearly 70,000 acres Sagaing plantations

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Jun 14, 2018

MONYWA-Due to the heavy rain until June 12th, nearly 70,000 acres of crop plantations have been flooded, says Sagaing Region’s Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation Minister Kamzar Mone.
        In Sagaing Region, Wetlet Township and Shwebo Districts lost the most plantations.
        “Currently, nearly 70,000 acres are flooded. Among them, over 60,000 acres plantations were affected and 937 acres were completely destroyed. The affected crop plantations will be damaged again. Rain continues now. Wetlet Township mostly suffered the flood,” said Kamzar Mone.
        Flood has been occuring in some townships in Sagaing Region. Two houses had to move in Tamu Township as well as some crop plantations were flooded. Riverbank erosion worsened the flooding, says Director of Sagaing Region Disaster Management Department.
        Currently, there are no rescue efforts in some townships. Many crop plantations had been submerged by floodwater. As rain continues now, there has been riverbank erosion. Likewise, a dam broke in Kani Township, flooding crop fields.

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