Boat capsizes in Dala, four missing

Source : Daily Eleven
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Jun 14, 2018

YANGON- A ferry to Dala Township from Sint Oo Dan jetty in Dagon Seikkan Township, Yangon, capsized yesterday night which results in four people missing.
        “The boat left for Dala Township yesterday around 8:30pm but it conked halfway on the trip. So, the boat was floating in the water. It was floating near Dala embankment where there were cargo vessels. It nearly hit the cargo vessels but the boat driver jumped ship. Later, the floating boat collided with a cargo ship,” said unidentified officer from Dhama Parla Social Welfare Organization in Dala Township and part of the search party for the missing persons.
        “A total of 12 people including the driver were on board the boat that left Yangon around 8:30 pm. At present, we’ve found eight people but four are still missing. We are now carrying out search and rescue operations,” said police officer from West District.
        The Dagon Seikkan Township Police Station is now investigating the accident aiming to file a lawsuit.

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