Bengalis illegally entering Myanmar found near Aung Bala beach

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Jun 12, 2018

A total of 104 Bengalis illegally entering Myanmar were found near Aung Bala beach between Mayu Kan Sin Paik village and Aung Bala village in southern Yathae Taung Township in Rakhine State on June 11 morning.
        The village administrator of Kon Tan village informed police station in Ah Ngu Maw that a boat docked at the beach one mile distant from Aung Bala village and that there were hundreds of Bengalis. Police Inspector Aung Kyaw Tin and a group assigned in Ah Ngu Maw and another group led by Police Lt-Col Kyaw Win Hlaing, and Zaw Win Tun from Immigration, also assigned in Ah Ngu Maw, inspected the place and found more than 100 Bengalis walking along the beach. They were later taken to Maungdaw Township for further investigations.
        According to the interrogation, they were from Bangladesh heading to Malaysia. While they were travelling, their boat was damaged from turbulent weather and had to dock on the beach. The boat was later found on Aung Bala beach in pieces.
        Amongst 35 males, 58 females and 11 children, some could speak Myanmar language but their claims differ from one another as mostly said they were all from Bangladesh while some claimed to be from refugee camps, according to a member of the interrogation team.
        Bengalis frequently enters Myanmar illegally from Maung Daw Township in Rakhine State via Nat River. Arrests are being made to illegal entering of Bengalis.

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