Dried freshwater shrimps prices rise in local market

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May 21, 2018

THE prices of dried freshwater shrimps have been rising in the domestic market, especially in Pyapon Township and the Ayeyawady Region, this fishing season, according to local fishermen.
        Due to the late monsoon, the township saw a decline in the natural production of freshwater shrimps compared with the same period last year, resulting in an increase in the price of dried shrimps in the market. Dried shrimp producers are currently facing some difficulties due to low production.
        Depending on their quality and size, dried shrimps were sold for Ks45,000-Ks60,000 per viss (3.6 pounds) on Sunday morning, 20 May, according to retailers.
        The surging prices of dried freshwater shrimps are expected to decline in mid-June this year, when the heavy downpour would help raise the region’s natural shrimp production.
        Marketable dried shrimps are usually exported to China, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Bangladesh and other countries.

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